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We are a small developer outsourcing company working for remote customers. We connect best local talent with great projects. We build on Python and Javascript foundation since 2007 and swiftly adopt modern libraries for front-end, machine learning and microcontrollers as necessary.

Most of us meet daily in our office with fun, creative and productive atmosphere. This model has been the cornerstone of successful long term relationships with customers even when they otherwise avoid remote developers. We’re based in Bratislava, Slovakia (UTC +1/+2).



We’re searching for the 13th member of our team.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity.

Our passions are: coding, climbing, freeride, flying, crypto-currencies, mindfulness, crowdfunding and testmon. Which ones are yours?

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Infinit s.r.o.
Záhradnícka 95 (SPACE UP)
821 08 Bratislava

sms: +421907266112