Work experience

2022 -
/ Infinit, s.r.o.
Web developer
  • backend developer on a bigger team of 20 developers + 11 QA for a Finnish telecommunication company DNA (
  • responsible for delivering new features and resolving production bugs in multiple web applications (webshops, order handling, customer self service, CRM and administration application)
  • technical lead of backend development whose duties are planning implementation of new features, creating tasks for other development team members, supervising their work and helping them to overcome issues
  • Python, Django, VueJS, jQuery, MariaDB, Redis, UML, Git, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket
2009 -
Senior Python developer / Team leader
  • Analysis and design of flexible, modular and robust product architecture.
  • Maintaining right balance between time-to-market, quality and costs.
  • Development, testing, implementation and maintenance of desktop UI applications, back-end software bounded to hardware, system scripts. Used technologies: Python, Qt, PostgreSQL, C, C++, Shell, Pyro, Spyne, multiprocessing.
  • Design and development whole web applications using Django, Celery, websockets, DRF, jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Design and development of robust and scalable APIs over distributed systems.
  • Software written and running on Linux.
  • Managing and leading a team of programmers; Hiring new team members, training, taking care of the team.
  • Own implementation of SCRUM methodology. Development planning, distributing of tasks and code-reviewing.
  • Managing software related projects with external clients / end-users.
2009 -
Significant projects as SW developer
  • Design and development of a whole parking system software, with respect to processing speed, reliability, flexibility, scalability and safety.
  • Design and development of an atypical / custom software bounded to different types of hardware (Access control system, lockers management, transport controlling, SOS stands).
  • Certified integration of cashless / POS payments systems for Slovak, Czech, Polish and Latvian market.
  • Supplier processing system at Volkswagen Slovakia: Design, development and project management of system to control supplier trucks moving inside the factory.
  • Žilina center city zone: Managing parking in Žilina city center via web application. Each tenant has possibility to control own vehicles and his visitors. Controlling / monitoring application for city police department.
  • Business centers reservations: System to manage reservations of parking lots at business centers.
  • APIs: Design and development of APIs to allow third parties to control distributed parking systems. API is administrated via web portal.
  • Responsive on-fly remote monitoring / managing SW to work over numerous devices. Used technologies: Pyside for a desktop application and Django, Redis, websockets, Celery for a web application.
  • Highly reliable License Plate Recognition integration. Ticket-less systems: Vehicles are passing the barrier without need of physical media (ticket).
  • Implementation of partner access and payment systems: BACnet, MemberPro, C4, Parkio, Posam, APA/NAZCA, Zadobe, Sharry.
  • Park And Ride projects: Warsaw ZTM, Plzen DP. Integration with public transport systems containing high level of security.


2004 -
Master's study

University of Economics in Bratislava – Faculty of Economic Informatics


Senior python developer with 13+ years of experience. Working on wide variety of projects from low-level communication with hardware, through desktop applications to responsive web applications and APIs Linux:Using  Linux as main OS for development and production use. Experiences with designing databases, indexes, performance tuning, creating triggers and procedures in PL/SQL and PL/Python.


Recently worked with

Python, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Django

Good with

Python, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), C++, Django, Redis / MongoDB, JQuery, Qt, APIs (DRF, Spyne), Celery, Bootstrap, websockets

Familiar with





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