Work experience

2022 -
/ Infinit, s.r.o.
/ Braitslava
Software Developer

Developing new fetures for project

Pytest-testmon is a pytest plugin which selects and executes only tests you need to run. It does this by collecting dependencies between tests and all executed code (internally using and comparing the dependencies against changes. testmon updates its database on each test execution, so it works independently of version control.

January 2021 -
November 2022
/ Compote, s.r.o.
Backend Developer

Worked on the interface between mobile devices and the internal network of an energy company. The backend application collects data from mobile clients and stores data to a database (MariaDB). In predefined periods or on demand, data is synchronized with a central database. The solution was implemented in JAVA using Spring Boot. The database was maintained using Liquibase library.

Another project was extending the functionality of community edition of SOLID server implementation by Inrupt. Project is written in TypeScript in the Node.js environment. Beside the conventional tasks on this project (creation of API, extending and customizing functionality provided by open source edition, etc.) I gained experience with RDF data and handling this data using SPARQL.
2012 -
/ GlobalLogic Slovakia, s.r.o.
Lead Software Developer

GlobalLogic provides software development for third parties. Worked on different projects, mainly using C++ and python as programming language.

2018 – 2020
Lead Software Developer for medical project.

Lead software developer, working on the UI of a health saving medical device. Using C++ and Qt in a small team (3-4 developers together with 1-2 testers) we developed a user interface for device touch screen. We were in close contact with real world paramedics to discuss user interface to fulfill their daily needs. This was great experience to work in touch with consumer and design and develop modular UI to react on change requests on daily basis was very challenging.

2015 – 2017
Lead Software Developer, Quby
Quby was a start-up company (bought by Eneco later) offering product which started as intelligent thermostat operated by touch screen. Working on rewriting device software from an old-fashioned flash solution to C++/qml. Plenty of functionality was added to the device.

2013 – 2014
Senior Software Developer, Control Express Finland
Product of this company is State-of-the-art industrial hardware used in demanding environment (from heavy industry to army usage). Worked on client – server application communicating with sensors for vibration measuring. The application was downloading huge amount of data from a number of sensors connected to the system to one data server. Data was asynchronously downloaded using framework twisted. Data analysis was done in client application. I developed client application and user interface in python using TkInter library. Application provided tools to analyze analog data – charts, curves, data comparison in time intervals etc.

2011 – 2012
Software Developer, Elektrobit AG
Development of SDK for GPS navigation in C++ language. End customer of this SDK were companies like Audi, BMW, GM using this SDK to develop their own navigation applications used in cars.
2007 -
/ Zilina
Software Developer
Worked on a SCADA system for monitoring and controlling power networks (electricity, gas, heating, ...) of various ranges (factories, cities, countries). Worked on both – server side and HMI side as well. On the server side, implementing authorization mechanisms in a proprietary SQL database server.


2002 -

University of Žilina
Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
(10 semesters)


Senior Python developer with 15+ years of experience of managing, designing, developing and maintaining web applications and  different projects using different technologies and programming languages. Worked in distributed teams, spread over different countries using agile methodology (SCRUM mainly).

Also experienced in all phases of software lifecycle – analysis (UML), documentation (doxygen, pydoc, javadoc), version controlling system (git), testing (google test, jest) and using various common tools (JIRA, Confluence, gitlab).


Recently worked with

Python, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Good with

Python, C++, Node.js, Typescript, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Qt, Linux

Familiar with

JavaScript, Git, Jira, SPARQL