Work experience

9/2021 -
Web developer

Working on a global bitcoin trading platform with millions of customers all over the world.

  • Took a part in developing and designing API endpoints for core features needed for transition to newer technologies.
  • Implemented solutions to manage email and push notifications for users.
  • Detected and fixed security vulnerabilities. Also developed security features for users such as anti-phishing codes and more secure logout.
  • Refactored parts of the code base and removed/updated old service features.


Technologies I used: Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, Docker

07/2020 -
Junior Python and Javascript developer Mean Unicorns LTD

Worked mostly on the back-end. Integrated third party APIs, developed oauth authorization, integrated payment flow, created background tasks, gained experience with elastic search, managed ci/cd flow in GitLab.

Examples of projects: Hipown - online tournaments platform API, Bokain - booking service API, internal ads managing and uploading app, bravebison’s internal crm

Technologies I used: Python, django, flask, django drf, tox, dramatiq, jwt, stripe, haystack, Postgres, S!Lite, redis, docker, html, css, vanilla js, a bit of Typescript and Angular, sass.

04/2021 -
Junior Python and Javascript developer PZAZ LTD

Worked on the back-end and front-end part of an application. Had experience dealing with filtering, caching, external APIs, payment flow.
Tools I used: Python, django, JavaScript, Postgres, Vue.js, stripe, cordova, html, css,

04/2021 -
Software developer

Side projects:
Server management app.
Took a part in development of an internal tool to work with zabbix api. Worked with a Nuxt.js, and the first time working with JSONRPC

E-commerce website.

The project for a client includes both front-end and back-end. Technologies: Python, django, django drf, dramatiq, third party APIs, tox, jwt, caching, fondy, locust, GitLab ci/cd, bash scripts, docker, bare-metal and cloud (do) Kubernetes, Nuxt.js, scss, Postgres and redis.


2018 -
System analysis NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Polytechnic Institute”

Last year of study


Junior Python and front-end developer with hands on experience of designing, developing and maintaining web applications. I discovered passion for programming at the age of 14. Then at the age of 16 I moved my focus to web development. I have been working with Django, Flask and Sanic on the back-end. Then I also started to learn and useVue.js, Nuxt.js on the front-end.


Recently worked with

Python, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, Vue.js, NuxtJS

Good with

SASS/SCSS/LESS, SQL ( PostgreSQL, MySQL ), Django, ExpressJS

Familiar with

Redis / MongoDB


Ukrainan + Russian: